Why/While I’ve been away…

Hello everyone!

Yeah, so people who have been following my other blog The Culture Cove may be wondering why it went so quiet, with the last post nearly a month ago.

Well, to put it simply, my computer broke. Yep, sucks.

I was just getting into a roll with my blog work, too, then poof. What followed was weeks of trying to get it fixed, so all my blogging rhythm was lost.

Not only that, because many of my other projects are on my computer, I’ve basically been on a three-week hiatus!

The good news for The Culture Cove, though, is that we’re back and running now. Hopefully you’ll see a couple of exciting anime posts soon to celebrate our 100 anime reviewed milestone, while next week should see the return of our Song of the Week!

While I’ve got your attention on here, I thought I would also update you on some of my other projects…

The second draft of my NaNoWriMo novel is completed! Fortunately we have come up with a (slightly) better name – E-Motion is currently being called Morality – and I will look to complete the final check before I look to get it published this autumn!

Before that my attention turns to one of the most ambition stories I’ve ever attempted. I might write another article about the perils of planning a complex mystery novel, but for now know that I plan to spend the next 3/4 months drafting this next story before returning to complete Morality.

Yes, so now, with my shiny computer glaring light into my dry eyes, my creative wheels are beginning to turn once more. Keep subscribed here and at The Culture Cove to see how we get on, and why you’re here why not check out our sketch-filled Instagram? As always, your support, even if it means cursory gazing over this post, is much appreciated!

Keep working!



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